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Halsey shares the music video for their new single ‘So Good’


Halsey’s new single “So Good” has arrived, alongside a music video directed by Halsey’s partner, Alev Aydin. The two actors starring in the video -being shot within the video – bear an uncanny resemblance to Halsey and Aydin. Later in the video, real-life footage of Halsey and Aydin  intercepts the storyline as they sing: “I know it’s bad, but we could be so good.”

Halsey explained in a statement:  “The film we created for ‘So Good’ really tells the full story of the song in the way I intended. Samsung helped us share our vision, giving us the creative freedom we needed to make something we are really proud of.  Using the Freestyle, Alev and I were able to share a glimpse of the way that we fell in love: watching romantic films together. But this time, the Freestyle is playing real home movies from our life together. For us, this makes ‘So Good’ come to life in a really special way that we’re so excited to share with fans.”

“So Good” (which can be streamed or purchased here) marks Halsey’s first single since their Grammy Award-nominated studio album If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power was released in 2021.  Check out the video for ‘So Good’ – here.

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