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DJ Red


Lunes A Viernes:  10am – 2pm

Hector Vega Santiago, AKA “DJ Red El Colorao” was born in the city of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico in 1990. From an early age, DJ Red had a love for music and surfing and at just six years old began announcing the famous basketball tournaments of The 3 Kings in his neighborhood of Jobos. That’s when he realized he had a passion for music, announcing, and radio. At the age of 14, DJ Red moved to Connecticut due to the loss of his greatest fan, his mother Leonilda, known by everyone as “La Colora”. Despite the loss, DJ Red continued to work towards his love of music and radio, finally entering the industry at the age of 16. DJ Red began to DJ all over Connecticut, building a loyal following and growing to love music even more. Twelve years later, DJ Red is now hosting the midday show for Bomba Radio, the #1 Latin Radio station network in both Connecticut and Massachusetts.